Friday, May 20, 2016

Bighorn river flows

Flows from Boysen dam are up to 6,000cfs. It is cranking fast out there. You'd better be a competent oars man or you'll lose your boat to the olive trees. Also keep in mind that there's a low bridge below the 8th Street ramp that is impassable at these flows. But we are still running guide trips so give us a call if you've got nothing better to do.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Bowling for Trout

That river is humpin out there. Flows are around 3000cfs. Fished yesterday with Dan and Steve from Billings... Steve works with the Bureau of Rec and tells me the river is going up to 4000cfs on monday. Nymphing is pretty darn good right now with a lot of work and a lot of lead. Lots of flotsam so be prepared to toss the moss. Streamer fishing is OK... I think it should be better than it is but we were getting some nice fish to eat em in the dirty water. Here's the highlight reel from yesterday...

Alyssa and I will be out tomorrow with the ladies from University of Wyoming Women's fly fishing club the Fish'N'Chicks. We're almost as excited as they are and it will definitely be a fun day. 

Flows should stay somewhat steady for the next couple weeks as the inflow is dropping dramatically and there isn't much in the forecast for rain or super warm snow melting temperatures. We have plenty of days open, so get ahold of us if ya wanna go bowling for trout!

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Bumped the river yesterday

We're now up over 2,000cfs which is a great flow and I'm glad they're making room in the reservoir. Should also help dissipate some of the mud flowing in. We'll keep ya updated.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

On the water report

Fished with Larry and Ray today, just a half day, which is perfect for the amount of fishable water right now. Buffalo Creek is on round 2 of dumping in red mud. It had cleared pretty good after last week's rains but I guess we got quite a bit of snow up in the Bridgers and with the warm weather the last few days it's got the creek flowing good. River is MUDDY after the red cliffs. But with all that said we had a pretty good day. Hooked about 30 of these

 Lots of break offs today. Fat feisty rainbows on 5x. Baetis nymphs were our best bugs. Saw a few guys out there today throwing streamers only saw one boat get one. Other boats said no good. But it is a good option in the dirty water. Hoping the river clears by the weekend but we are forecast to get a little more rain. So we'll see. River is at 990cfs. And we have a few trips going out next week but still plenty of days available if you're interested. Also the dry fly fishing is still pretty good, at least it was on Tuesday when I went out with Adam. Besides the bwo's we are seeing quite a few caddis and a lot of fish are taking notice and even moving out of their feeding rhythm to eat them. And a minor psa, please respect the property owners' rights... it is private property from the first highway bridge below wedding all the way past buffalo creek and the red cliffs. We don't need this place turning into the reef. Have fun out there!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Bighorn river flows

The flow from Boysen dam has increased to 1,013cfs. This is good news. Reservoir levels are over 82% full, so it looks like USBR is making room for runoff. Hoping we don't see 7500 in June.

And the river is still a little murky thru town but definitely fishable.

See ya out there!