Saturday, January 21, 2017

The warm weather didn't last very long....

...But we took advantage of it the last few days. And fishing was pretty good. Mostly sow bugs but getting a few on the worm a few on the scud and some midge and even a couple leech eaters. It's kinda like shooting fish in a barrel this time of year, just keep working those deep slow holes and when the bite stops...change it up.
Jeff with a fat slab out of the "Hog Hole"
April is filling in fast. Plenty of days open in March which is my favorite dry fly month. But from now thru February is a great time to rack up the body count on pre spawn rainbows. Give us a call and let's make a deal for cold weather fishing.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Bighorn River - Winter Fly Fishing Report - Thermopolis

Got some warmer air coming in this week,  highs in the 40s?

Alyssa is out on the coast chasing steelhead for the next month and has left me at the tying desk working on orders. But I'd like to be working on the river with this seemingly spring type weather. We are offering winter discounts... call for pricing and we'll make a deal.

I personally haven't been on the river in over a week, but last time I was out big sow bugs and/or Ray Charles in #16 and #14 were crushing it. Little red midge larva and black or olive pupas were showing up in stomach samples and the fish would eat em, but man they just keep hammering the sow bugs.

The river below Longwell is still pretty iced up, but everything else is open and should be fishing great. Flow out of Boysen is around 915cfs. Reservoir is 86% full and snow pack is around 150%? Good water year.

April bookings are starting to fill in and a few in March, but late January and February can provide some of the best catching all year! And since Alyssa is out of town we've got our very good friend Jeff Jennings (of Michigan legend and Montana lore) filling in on a couple trips ...might as well fish with the best...

Monday, January 2, 2017

First trip of the New year

Fished with Wheeler yesterday. It was cooooold. But the fishing turned out to be really good. Nymphing was consistent all day and we even had pretty good action on the streamer.

Looks like the temps warm up next week
C'mon out and shake off those shack nasties

Winter Fly Fishing on the Bighorn River, Thermopolis, Wyoming