Saturday, July 23, 2016

Bighorn River Fishing Report, Thermopolis

Flow is around 1500cfs. The flush helped the floating moss situation tremendously and cleaned up a lot of the banks... But the floating junk is escalating. And the river is a little greener and little warmer than I like it. Fishing early is a good idea.

Nymphing has been okay so long as you can clean flies efficiently. Tricos have been thick but not very many fish up eating them.

We've been pretty busy on the river with clients the last couple weeks... and the fishing could be better. ..but we are catching some nice fish...

Tilman and Gray came out from South Carolina and fished with guide Steve Beazley yesterday and found some nice rainbows

Also seeing some fat browns on the chow...had a day with a single gentleman on Wednesday that got 4 browns in a row 20-22. All day please. And if those clouds ever move in ya might see some of that on the surface.

Alyssa with a pretty sweet brown

I'm thinking fishing should get better by mid August.  Until then practice your moss slapping techniques and pray for rain...but not too much.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Flush it real good

The flush is happening today, goes up to 3200cfs by 9pm and should be back down to normal levels by 10 am tomorrow morning.
Dry fly fishing has been pretty good this past week. Good pods of fish up on Tricos. Alyssa had a great time with David & Leah the other day, lots of nice trout and even a muskrat in the net

Did a half day on the North Fork Shoshone last weekend and had excellent dry/dropper fishing for bright feisty rainbows before we got blown off the water. We had 5 doubles. The Shoshone is a great option this time of year.

Still have a few dates open for July. Would really like to fill 16-19 if anyone is interested give us a call.

See ya on the water

Friday, July 8, 2016

Season of the Moss

Flows are around 1500cfs. There is way too much floating moss in the river right now which makes the nymph fishing horrible. Hard to get a drift without bringing in two pounds of moss. Streamer fishing could be good if you bring a bucket with you and take home all that bright green shit and throw it in your garden. Dry fly fishing is the only game in town right now and it's an early morning thing as afternoon temps reach high 90s.

Alyssa has been crushing em on dry flies with clients

It's Pat!

The moss is so bad in fact that the Bureau of Rec is actually going to give us a summer flush. Not sure on the exact day yet but I think the 13th, will know for sure on Monday. That will coincide with the boat ramp at Wedding being closed July 11-15.

Got some days open at the end of July and early August. Holler at us if'n ya wanna go fishin.

Sunday, July 3, 2016


Flows on the Bighorn are finally down to 2000cfs. Sounds like the dry fly fishing is heating up. We will be back in thermop on the 5th. Alyssa has a trip on the 7th and I'm open until the 12th. Would like to get these days filled, give me a call or drop us an email.