Friday, September 23, 2016

Bighorn River Fishing Report

Obligatory double shot. Been catching a lot of these.

Flow out of Boysen Reservoir is 825cfs +/-

Fishing is good. Tricos in the morning and baetis in the afternoon make for some happy trout and happy fishermen. Nymphing has also been pretty good with worms, baetis, drowned tricos, or other small black or olive tiny shit. Had a pretty good streamer bite the other day even in bright sun. But I prefer the clouds and drizzle we've been getting lately.

Ken with a big hen. Taped her at 22.5x12. And she was real heavy.

We've had a few guys out here this week fill their antelope tags early and decide to take a day on the river. It's been a pretty good trip to wyoming for these guys!

Joe with a nice hot springs brown

And with more folks out hunting, pressure on the river oughtta remain low and the fishing can only get better as the browns become more aggressive. We have a few days open next week and we're booking more days for October and even a couple in November. Let's get ya in the boat and into some fish!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

On the water report

Flow from Boysen dam is 895cfs +/-

Just wrapped up 7 days fishing with Rodger from PA. He guided me into a couple nice browns on the hopper and I like to think I put him on a few fish too, but sometimes it's hard to tell who the boss really is. We endured some shitty weather, lots of boats, and few picky risers... with the exception of yesterday.

We waited til about noon and hit the water. Action on the hopper was pretty good right off the bat, dingin em here and there, but we ran into a lull about half way thru and you could feel the excitement fizzle. Then we started to see them around 3. One sailboat, then another, and another. The fish began to take notice and then one rise, then another, and another. Soon the tiny sailboats seemed to cover the surface, their slate wings twitching ever so lightly to dry. Our first fall baetis hatch was under way, and there we were, Rodger and me, surrounded by rising fish. The hatch wasnt so thick you couldnt pick out your flies from the naturals, but almost, and at times all ya had was a blind cast and it usually paid off. Undoubtedly the most fish I've seen up on dries since May.

I'd like to see some more shitty days in the forecast.

Also, nymphing has been productive. Some days it seems like theyre eating everything, and some days it seems like they're not eating anything.

And I'll bet ya streamer fishing could be good. I'd go with olive or white or both.
Big browns on dries. Love it.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Bighorn River Fishing Report

Flow out of Boysen Dam is around 1000cfs. River blew out yesterday from all the rain Sunday night, she was running blood red from the wedding down. Clarity is improving and should be back to normal in a couple days.

Fishing has been good. A little trico action, a little hopper action, and productive nymph fishing.

Rick from Team McKay with an awesome first brown

Good friend & client, Gary K, with a solid 22x12 rainbow

Got a few days open still for Sept and starting to book October. Also thinking about offering a couple Spey Casting clinics at the end of October and maybe November if there's enough interest... if this is something you're into, get in touch with us and we can start working on the details.