Saturday, May 6, 2017

Dirty water report

Well the slides up in the canyon have been contained so the clarity at wedding is great. But the crick across from wedding is puking in red mud from snow melt. Fishing is pretty much done with once you get past Buffalo Creek. But with that said, we've been having some stellar days on the river this week. We lost count after 40 fish hooked today and still managed to make it a full 8 hours on 3 miles of river. And most days we're the only boat out there.
One of many doubles from today

 Trout are eating worms and sow bugs and a few baetis and midge. Seeing handfuls of caddis out there so you could try a pupa. Still no fish up on dries except the random splashy eat.
Larry with a funny hat and a fine brown on Thursday

I wouldn't say get on the plane and get here now,  but if you happen to be driving thru Thermop on these early summer days or your local crick is muddied up, c'mon out and catch some fish. Great option for half day trips.
The funny hat in action... might be his lucky hat

Had some cancellations this week and plenty of days open for the rest of the month. Discovered a giant tear in the seat of my waters the other day so i dida little wet wading today.. waters still pretty cold... I'd probably trade a trip in the next week or two for a pair of Simms without holes.. im a size large.

We should start to see the river drop by early July just in time for tricos and hoppers and maybe some sallies... get in the boat,  let's go.

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