Thursday, June 29, 2017

Bighorn river flows

This is from the Hot Springs County Emergency Management Facebook page...

Boysen and Bighorn River Summary & Update:
Yesterday the flow into Boysen dropped to an amount equal to the amount being released.
The official elevation of the lake is 4728.90 feet above sea level. That means that 4 feet of the flood pool was used.
Release will remain at 9000cfs a few more days in order to vacate a lot of that water.
Let me introduce you to another office involved in decision support; The NWS Missouri Basin River Forecast Center in Pleasant Hill, MO. They forecast river flows across the entire Missouri River Drainage as well as inflows to the many reservoirs in that river system.
The MBRFC forecast is for flow into Boysen to drop roughly 1000cfs each day for the next 4 days. In a few days the release from Boysen will gradually be reduced so that finally, in several days the release from the dam will be in the 2000-3000cfs range and the lake storage will be considered "Full" at an elevation of 4725 feet.
Spring Runoff flows first began appearing on May 5th when they climbed above the 3000cfs mark. By June 2nd they had reached and exceeded 8000cfs. June 10th was the highest inflow day at 20,284cfs. Now it is over and we are headed into summer.
Reaching a good conclusion in a year of extreme snowpack and then rain on the snowpack takes technical expertise and a little help from Mother Nature. Thank you to the Bureau of Reclamation, NOAA, National Weather Service, Corps of Engineers, Natural Resource Conservation System, Wyoming State Engineer's Office, Water Resource Data System & Wyoming Climate Office at the University of Wyoming, and anyone I may have missed.

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