Sunday, August 19, 2018


Long time no update... sorry folks. Fishing and flows have been an absolute roller coaster ride from June thru July, but somehow we remained busy working on the river. Fishing now is really really really good.

big cutty on a hopper from a small local creek
Flows are down to 1200cfs, the clarity is great, and the water temp is good. And despite rather mossy conditions the trout seem to be super hungry.

Joe was able to entice this beautiful brown to eat a grasshopper

There has been a grasshopper infestation in the valley this year and across most of the state it sounds like, Dry/dropper combinations seem to be the most effective and we are starting to see pods of trout chowing on tricos in the morning.

Big Horn River brown trout, Thermopolis, Wyoming

If you want to get in on some incredible fishing, we do have some available dates between now and the end of the month.

We've been seeing A LOT of rainbows like this one. Dick landed this feisty specimen on a hopper

Lot of dates open in September too. I anticipate the fishing is going to stay consistent and it should even get better as fall approaches.

Summer fishing at its finest!

We hope to see you in our boats soon!

Bighorn River, Thermopolis, Wyoming - Fly Fishing Report Update - August 2018

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