Monday, February 12, 2018

On the water report

I could've swore i saw 50 degree days in the forecast for this week... I'm gonna blame it on this guy

 I did get a half-day trip in last week before the temps plummeted. We boated about a dozen of these, one was about 16" and the rest were 18"-22"... we probly lost just as many fishing small midge on light tippet... yikes. Stomach samples reveal a few sow bugs and tiny scuds but mostly midge larvae and pupae.

We've got a few trips going out this week, I'll be sure to report back.

Also this weekend... I think the Cody TU chapter is doing a river cleanup on Sunday, so there will be a lot of boats out there. And as much as I love to see the river cleaned up of trash and inner tubes, maybe we can leave a few tires and barrels in the middle of the river this year for trout structure, since we don't have big rocks or log jams...

See ya on the water!

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