Tuesday, February 6, 2018


Flows are still around 1250cfs. Fishing, of course, has been good. Still nymphing and some streamer action.

Snowpack this year is about 100% of normal, compared to last year at this time i think we were around 250%... so barring any major spring precipitation, we're looking at a typical runoff year which means more consistent fishing in June and July. Looks like my drought dances have finally paid off.

I have the next couple days open if anybody wants to go fishing, the weather looks great. Had some cancellations for early next week which is fine 'cuz its gonna be cooooold. Booked 14-18, Alyssa has a couple open days in there somewhere, and we are completely open Feb 19-28 and it looks like quite a few days in the upper 40s and mid 50s even during that time frame, so ya might wanna make it happen.

Also we updated the website a little bit, check out our Guide Service page as we have added some unique options available to our fishing clients this year.

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